Who we are


English Weeks is an organization of educators and education partners from around the world dedicated to the development and application of language and learning skills for students, teachers, and institutions.


  • • Learning can be fun
  • • Students-Centered Classrooms
  • • Learning is about experience
  • • The process of learning is just as important as the outcome
  • • Everyone is different, and therefore learns differently and has different learning objectives
  • • Understanding over memorizing
  • • True learning shows itself not in the repetition of knowledge, but in the creative application of it.
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Each English Weeks program is lead by a team of trained native speakers from English speaking cultures around the world.

English Weeks Coaches are trained to:

  • • Evaluate language and academic levels
  • • Manage an interactive student-centered classroom
  • • Coaching
  • • Develop independent learning and creativity
  • • Work with various learning styles