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What is English Weeks

English Weeks is a 1 week/5 day English language experience at your school lead by a team of trained native speakers from English speaking cultures around the world. English Weeks consists of up to 30 class hours of language development and creative project work with the goal of applying language learning to improved communication skills.

In other words, we get students talking by addressing “language in use” issues, developing competence according to the standards set by the Common European Framework (CEF) in the following skill areas:


English Weeks – 5 day/30 hour intense English project at your school

Adventure/Sport Weeks – English Weeks mixed in with sports and or outdoor activities

Project Weeks – English Weeks focused on a specific project or issue – i.e. music, arts, drama, government, business, world events.

Professional Weeks – intensive English course for professionals addressing topics and developing skills in areas such as sales, management, international financing, human resources, etc.

Summer Day Camps – English Weeks day camps during the summer.

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English Weeks is available in countries throughout Europe.

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At the end of the week, EW offers evaluations and presentation of student’s improved skills in the areas mentioned above. Teachers can also expect students to have the ability not only for English-only curriculum but also improvements in:

  • • Active Participation
  • • Presentation
  • • Self-correction
  • • Independent learning


“Two weeks after the English Weeks project, our students entered and won the English Olympics competition for our state.” - Head of English department

“I was a quiet student, I never raised my hand in class. But during the English week, I stopped being afraid. Now, I don’t know why I was so quiet.” - Pia

“I couldn’t believe that after only a few days, I was dreaming in English!” - Alex

“I was hesitant to let one of our slower students join the English Week. He never said a word to any of his teachers in class. You can imagine my shock to see him not only actively involved in activities, but telling jokes in English to a filled auditorium at the week ending presentation! :) “ - English Teacher

“half of our class went away to England for their English experience, the rest of us stayed home and did English Weeks. I didn’t’ know what to expect. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we were speaking better and had better stories to share than those who went away.” - Lukas

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For Schools/Teacherscontact us to receive more information, request consultation with our language consultants or sign up for a demonstration.

For Parents/Students – English Weeks is a school based program. If you’d like English Weeks at your school, please send us information about your school and contact person, or ask your teacher to contact us though this site. If you’d like to learn more about Summer activities, please let us know if you’re interested in day camps or overnight camps along with the country and town you live.