The English Weeks Experience

See for Yourself


"You placed a seed in my thought and it's beginning to grow. It´s about how I can use my mind to achieve greatness and get ready for everything what´s coming. I have to say thank you."

A student's response from English Week

"Two weeks after the English Weeks project, our students entered and won the English Olympics competition for our state."

Head of English department

"I was a quiet student, I never raised my hand in class. But during the English week, I stopped being afraid. Now, I don’t know why I was so quiet."


"I couldn’t believe that after only a few days, I was dreaming in English!"


"I was hesitant to let one of our slower students join the English Week. He never said a word to any of his teachers in class. You can imagine my shock to see him not only actively involved in activities, but telling jokes in English to a filled auditorium at the week ending presentation! :)"

English Teacher

"half of our class went away to England for their English experience, the rest of us stayed home and did English Weeks. I didn’t’ know what to expect. Not only was it a lot of fun, but we were speaking better and had better stories to share than those who went away."